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Desired Effect Sealer type to consider
Protect from stains Any good quality sealer. See Surface Types link above to see what to avoid for your surface.
Protect from acidic liquids Create some degree of a coating (gloss) layer on top so acidic does not contact surfacing.
Harden weak/soft surface (i.e. erroding, flaking) Penetrating solvent based acrylic
Prevent/Stop efflorescence (white powder) Penetrating solvent based acrylic
No change to appearance some water base "penetrating", not "film forming" coatings
Enhance natural colors Solvent base
Create gloss penetrating solvent base acrylic by building up gloss or water base "film forming coatings"
Low price per gallon
Note: Price per gallon is not used to evaluate true cost. Yearly moving furniture and reapplying a sealer is an annoying "high cost" factor.
Our suggestions represent our belief about product quality that delivers a greater degree of cost benefit over time and per square foot of sealer consumption.
Locally available All products we list are available almost anywhere unless indicated otherwise. Some, not all, of the sealers we list may not be available in California because of air quality rules there.
Fill cracks/holes Needs caulking - clear or grout color, not sealers
Prevent smears from grouting "Pre-sealing" before grouting can cause problems. Use a non-sealer "grout release".
Add color to the sealer Don't! A nightmare to patch and match later. Color first, then seal.
Increase floor traction "Penetrating" solvent or water base to retain natural texture, do not build gloss.
No smell Use water base (petroleum solvent base all have strong odor)
Fading - restore & prevent Penetrating solvent based acrylic - use after cleaning, restore colors and prevent reoccurrence.
Very long lasting, does not break down This is true of any that we show that are applied correctly. Read the label so you don't have to move furniture to reapply every year or two.
Appearance does not degrade Any glossy sealer finish will show traffic wear unless protected by one of the "sealer protector coatings" we show in the "Daily Care" section.

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