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CLEANERS & Tools - for all kinds of situations and needs
mineral deposit and efflorescence cleaner
Cleaner Type: Mineral Deposit Remover (considered on the more aggressive side for mineral deposits, grout installation residue stains and efflorescence.)
(Similar in action to Aldon Grout Residue Remover, but less aggressive)
Mfg: CLR
#ad- Name: "CLR Pro Cleaner"
clean grout
Type: Degreaser & stain remover
(Similar in action and purpose to Aldon Insta-Clean.)
Mfg: Simple Green
#ad- Name: "Degreaser"
streak free mopping
Cleaner Type: Streak Free Wet Mopping - no rinse
(Similar in action and purpose to Aldon Maintain.)
Mfg: Black Diamond
#ad- Name: "Tile Floor Cleaner"
floor mop
Type: Smaller Area - Wet/Dry Floor Mop
Mfg: O-Cedar
#ad- Name: "Dual-Action Microfiber Flip Mop" .... (fiber type reduces streaking)
dust mop
Type: Mop dust grabber
(Similar in action to Aldon Dust Whiz)
Mfg: Fuller Brush
#ad- Name: "Duster Spray"
dust mop
Type: Large Area Dust Mopping
Bigger is faster. Rotate to get further under furniture.
Mfg: Nine Forty
#ad- Name: "36 Inch Dust Mop"
dust mop
Cleaner Type: Furniture cleaner & light wax
Cleans & leaves a light wax type coating which is preferable to a heavier wax coating left by some of these types of cleaners. Heavier wax finishes look great for the first day, but can spot easily from standing water drops dissolving the wax.
Mfg: S.C. Johnson
#ad- Name: "Pledge Lemon Multisurface Cleaner"
mild abrasive
Type: For Difficult hard surface deposits - mild abrasive (see caution)
Mfg: Rhodes American
#ad- Name: "0000" Steel Wool
Super fine polishing abrasion, even on water deposits on glass windows.
Cautions: must test and view at angle to evaluate if any scratching. There should not be any.
robot vacuum
Tool Type: Vacuum - Quick Pick Up
Mfg: Dyson
#ad- Name: "V7 Fluffy Cordless Stick Vacuum for Hard Floors"
window cleaner
Type: Glass Cleaner - No Streak
Mfg: Sprayway
#ad- Name: "Glass Cleaner"
rug stain cleaner
Type: Floor & carpet stains
Mfg: Nature's Miracle
#ad- Name: "Stain & Odor Remover"
robot vacuum
Type: Vacuum - Robot
Mfg: iRobot
#ad- Name: "Roomba 675"
mold cleaner
Type: Mold & Mildew Cleaner
Mfg: Stonetech
#ad- Name: "Mold & Mildew Remover"